Our story

Our approach to decorating and home design has always been "mix it up." Sticking to one style is boring! I love Mid-Century design for its clean lines and exotic woods. I love antiques for the history and craftsmanship. A quirky barn find or vintage piece can always capture my heart.
This approach to home decorating is not only awesome and unique but, what I've grown to realize in today's culture of "throwaway furniture", "fast" furniture - (Sorry Ikea I went to University and bought my fair share) Is that this "mix it up" approach to decorating is not only fabulous it is also eco-friendly. I love the thought of rescuing a great piece -  this promotes sustainability and reduces our carbon footprint. Finding furniture made with exceptional quality meant to be passed down through generations and many more to come. The pieces that start the, "where did you get that?" conversation. 
We search near and far to find these pieces, refinish them, fix them or leave them perfectly imperfect! 
Andrea & James